Post-Closing Postcard Campaign

Each and every closed loan file at Envoy is placed onto a three year post-closing postcard campaign that displays the borrower (and co-borrower, if available) on the actual artwork!

Features that all our originators benefit from:
“Set it and forget it!” you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your borrower’s birthday, the campaign will send a postcard on your behalf
Postcards are branded with the originator’s contact information AND the realtor too!
Save time and eliminate distractions to service customers, partners, prospects

Base post-closing postcard program:
3-year postcard program (15 quarterly postcard mailings)
Send a postcard to your prospects for as little as $1.10!
Longer, advanced programs also available

In addition to this, there will be one email message sent per month to each closed borrower on each Loan Officers behalf.

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