In-Process Marketing

Never worry again whether your correspondents on a loan file are receiving their milestone communications. Not only do we send out automatic email updates, we also create and send dynamic, entertaining videos for your clients! When a field for the key milestones outlined below are entered into the LOS, the next sync will send email notifications or video emails to all contacts on the loan (borrower, co-borrower, processor, loan officer assistant, agent, etc).

The signature on each email is derived from the Loan Officer name on the 1003. The Loan Officer’s name, direct dial, mobile number, fax, branch address, and email address will be included in the signature line of the auto email.
Designated HTML Email Milestones

  1. Intro/Welcome Email
  2. Follow Up Email
  3. Appraisal Ordered
  4. Title Ordered
  5. Appraisal Received
  6. Title Received
  7. Submitted to Underwriting
  8. Underwriting Conditional Approval
  9. Underwriting Approved and Clear to Close
  10. Ask for the referral
  11. Closing Documents Ordered
  12. Settlement Statement/HUD-1 Received
  13. Loan Funded
  14. Your loan was transferred

Designated Video Milestones

  1. Application Stage Video
  2. Documentation Stage Video
  3. Initial/Conditional Approval Stage Video
  4. Clear to Close Video
  5. Closed/Funded Video


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