CRM Platform

EMMA CRM is a leading enterprise-wide CRM mortgage platform. Based on advanced technology and architecture, our CRM embeds the highest levels of security and user-friendly access for you, our originators.

EMMA CRM is a web-based service, that will allow you to market from anywhere that allows internet connection. Envoy Loan Originators continuously benefit from the opportunity to consolidate processes and systems, ensuring immediate success and major returns on investment.

Centralized Marketing Store

Individual databases for customers, partners, prospects
Marketing store with integrated fulfillment
(Ex. Direct mail, e-mail, newsletters, address stampers)
Intelligent alerts
(Ex. System notifies the LO when a past borrower has listed their home for sale)
Build a custom campaign to you or your branch

As part of our base subscription:

Automated emails can be co-branded
Content Management Features
Quarterly Neighborhood Activity Report
Fresh, newsworthy industry emails are updated weekly.


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